The Void

The void is not visible inside you.

You can’t see it; rather, you just feel it.


A personal excerpt on hate

Beggar with a Staff in His Right Hand by Goya

I hate looking at beggars, I hate the sight of them… I can never fully understand why I have more while they have none. 

I have more while they can’t even have the most basic of necessities.

And just like that, it all goes back 

to self-loathing:

I hate beggars.

And I hate myself.

Mangled… mangroves

These are natural buffers against strong waves (and yes, soil erosion).

Can’t get enough? Here’s more:

Those were taken while on boat. 🙂

But wait, there’s more…

Okay, okay… enough is enough.

For the curious, these photos are taken through camera-phones and a digital camera.