Check Out the Top 6 Websites For 2015 :)

The webspace is a vast, virtual land of awesome things and meaningful connections. Every click leads us somewhere random. Yet a click here and there could lead us to somewhere special and enjoyable.

For the past 12 months, I’ve discovered websites loaded with awesome content. I’ve pooled my top six below and hope you enjoy your web-visit (as much as I did).


1. Crew Blog. Writing hacks and insights need to come strong for us to get convinced. On my own reader-meter, I just need to be convinced enough to consider the concept, to not just think about a new approach, but really try it.

I recommend you read The psychology of simple.

2. Strange Horizons. Speculative fiction is as interesting as it sounds. This site maintains a lively community of some of the coolest fictionist, poets, and artists!

Escape now and read the Little Gods, the Lone Star Sin Eaters, or Rib. 😀

3. I only see hospitals and clinics when I travel in the city. Through this blog, we could see pass the formidable buildings, the white lab coats, or the busy atmosphere.

Check out my recent favorite: Physicians are jaded, but this is what keeps them in medicine

4, 5. Life of Pix & PHOTOFLOOD STUDIO. When I’m not writing, I read. Hours spent in looking over various texts or trying to produce them can cause eye-strain. For a short-term fix, I check out vivid or colorful images.

To peek and select images for posts, go to Life of Pix.

For images that include people and certain themes like wedding or nature, visit the PHOTOFLOOD STUDIO.

6. Michelle Lara Lin via Medium. Sometimes, we just want to go and dive inside someone’s beautiful mind. I found my favorite ‘someone’ through her blog, The Stranger. At the moment, this blog is under maintenance. 😦

To answer my own haunting for this woman’s beautiful prose, I took to reading her essays in her Medium account. I highly recommend Music is Sanity.

Hey 2016!

I’ve discovered these sites last year 2015 and continue to enjoy them until now. I know that the webspace — a place that became home for us readers and writers, artists and critics — will continue to expand.

So, let this new year be a year of more website-discovery! Let it be filled with voices that are both unique and true!

Happy New Year everyone! 😀



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