On stray dogs that wanna bite me

At first, I thought I was seeing an imaginary mushroom. A glance back and forth and the lines redefine itself before my tired eyes. A ghost is looking back at me. This is probably just another trick, an illusion, a formation of lines and hues that camouflaged themselves as bushes behind pine trees.

Yesterday was a day of almost’s. I was crossing this busy street off my way to our office when a motorcycle whizzed dangerously close. After the whiz, it stopped and the rider shouted, “HOY!” I didn’t look back. I was just as pissed as they were. I continued my brisk walk to the office with these dark thoughts. In my theory, I wasn’t at fault. Yet, I couldn’t help but think: if I crossed a bit slower, it could’ve been the end of me.


I had to stay late in work. I was supposed to have this meeting with our bosses’ boss. But this said figure was so busy (I wonder: does “busy” also mean an incapability to properly allocate one’s time?). I waited for nothing — I carried the weight of this nothingness in every step that I took home. I was almost dead this morning; I waited for nothing; what worse could come now?!

Dogs. Stray dogs outside a closed sari-sari store. They barked at me, bared their teeth at me. Okay, there’s a lot of them and just one me. I resolved to stay calm and walk ahead. The barking didn’t stop and as I pass by a lighted post, a shadow of a stray dog followed my shadow on the wall. Okay, don’t panic. I walked, and walked, and walked. It felt like forever but as I reach the curve, I felt alone again. The relief was overwhelming. I was almost bitten by a stray dog.

What’s up with dogs and motorcycles and me? I don’t really know. Perhaps, this was just an accumulation of bad events in a single day. I don’t know. I’ll just go back to staring at the image above, and stare at the ghost that stares back at me.

3:27 PM


4 thoughts on “On stray dogs that wanna bite me

  1. Dogs on the streets are never a good idea. They used to be let out all the time when I was a child, and some would indeed be violent. Carry a stick in your bag of some sort. Just to be careful. *looks concerned*. Also, as I know ghosts rather well, I can see you. Which is nice. *smiles*.

    – sonmi wearing a white sheet upon the Cloud

    • See me? But of course, you’re at a vantage point up there, sonmi! 🙂 A stick sounds good and handy, whether my attacker’s a dog or not.
      Thank you! 😀

    • Don’t we? This universe divides possibilities and realities… though a lot is inclined to dwell with the latter.

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