When a Jeepney Dreams of Wings

A 15-year-old high school student from Compostela Valley was hailed as the first grand winner of “Doodle 4 Google” Philippines, yesterday afternoon at the Music Hall, Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

Yahoo News

Buying vehicles in the Philippines is easy-peasy.  Navigating off the beaten road and heavy traffic is another story.  This kid certainly puts it in one optimistic state:

“The concept is created to solve problems like traffic, economy, education, and basic needs. The key on the tail signifies the solutions to the problems wherein we must fly high with pride and honor,” Saren wrote in his artwork.

The jeepney is an essential means of transportation in the country.  On a personal level, the jeepney had been my wagon towards finishing my education, as well as, in pursuing another.  It’s steel frame brought comfort and certainty at times when dreams were just dreams.  Those four-black tyres had been turning round and round to remind me that one of these days, it shall be my turn (at the top, of course).



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