An Ode to Those Who Mean to Call Me ‘Vermin’

I. I didn’t went here for your dollar.

Of course, I did. Who am I fooling? I had to come here because I have a dream. It’s a dream I can hardly make possible if I choose to stay. In that note, you could say, “my dream is fueled by dollars.” Green notes that don’t exist in my country.

Oh what can I do? A dollar is equivalent to a big lot of pesos. Yes, my dream is ran by currencies. But why forget about the “other” variable – talents/skills??

II. Such a glum story.

A not so-odd exception here is the fact that it isn’t only my story; it had been the reality of my fellow country folks. But I refuse to leave it at that. No.

Dollars don’t go by the drain. In exchange, I am contributing to your growing economy. CONTRIBUTE. I may eat your precious slot, but I give you my skills, my potentials.

I know my place. I grab your dollars. But I don’t leave your hands empty. Not at all.

Disclaimer: When I say ‘contribute,’ I don’t say it with a raised voice. There is no need to shout; the need only rests on your ears because you have to listen, too.


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