Outside our pantry-window

It was dark and cloudy. There weren’t any stars to see tonight. Perhaps, they got bored huddling in the dark sky-blanket. So, they chose to abandon it, even for awhile.

In exchange for the skies, they went to lit many houses. Outside of this office’s pantry’s untidy window, I could see them run along the hills, where big and small houses sat. In the gloomy darkness, it was a sight to behold! For awhile, I thought to myself: they’re contented.

Perhaps, they got bored huddling in the dark sky-blanket.

Work, school, chore

I have school-work waiting for me. As final products, it demands a revised written requirement (plus, an oral exam, too). The day job, on the other hand, screams of a quota — alias: word count. At home, there’s the laundry and several dusty surfaces.

If the stars stayed for a long time, would they accompany me in my schoolwork and home-chores? I’m suddenly seeing myself as the ever-bustling Cinderella. If that were my fairy tale, the stars would have been my rodent friends.

Would they accompany me in my schoolwork and home-chores?

And what would the stars do? Can their light, though shadowed by the sun, give me powers? Can they cheer me up, and with pompoms or without, say: “go, you can do it?” Or can they enlighten me and leave me glowing like a halo?

It changed.

I never knew the answer. I looked up at our corrugated roof. I didn’t expect to see any single star. They do prefer their blanket sky, I suppose. But as I turn away, a slanting light caught me. I turned back and reel at its glory. The light stretched and went to reach my hands. It warmed me.

I held it for awhile. My hands and sight rose, tracing the source of my star. What I saw struck me: I realized, this was no star. Our roof got some teeny weenie hole!

I went outside to call my dad. Seriously?! If there were indeed visiting stars, they could have spared our house! Now, it wasn’t just me who’s getting real busy here; my dad will have a roof-hole to fix, too.

Oh my… so much for stargazing.


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