Why Criticism Looked Like a Jewel to Me

I want it clear, more often than not.  Yet, there are times when my mood isn’t exactly up to some kind of brutal verbal beating.  So yes, a bit of kid gloves might come on handy.

I think it helps, from the point of the criticism-deliverer, to first observe the subject of criticism carefully.  Is she or he in the right state of mind to take some points, be reminded about rules?

One of the most unforgettable comment I have received pertained to my poem entitled, “Difficulty.”  A particular panelist told me he couldn’t appreciate the piece well because it didn’t seem to address a specific audience.  Prior to this critique were amazing comments: someone said she enjoyed it! 😀

Still, I couldn’t help but bristle over that one specific critique.  The result of over-analyzing is great!  I had reflected over my method of writing, reviewed my motives, and reached an important realization (that helped me effectively tackle my craft).  This just goes to show that criticism — if properly communicated — turns out to be a gift.

Do you agree?  Or not?


Today’s piece is inspired by The Daily Prompt’s “Handle with care


So, what do you think?

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