Halloween is still months away.  But when something as ingenious as this (prank on photo) comes in your view, wouldn’t it tickle the prankster in you?

Not too long ago, I had been part of a team of creatives who does this for fun.  They were designers who created amazing book covers and websites.  Between idle time, they would pick one of our peer’s faces, stick them in some fictitious creature’s neck, polish it a bit, and make it circulate around the team’s loop.

Those times, we’d have a blast!  Some were really done artistically, others morphed horribly it makes everything twice funny!  We’d laugh and giggle for awhile.  Then the vibe slowly dies; in its stead is this professional demeanor.

We’d pull our wheeled office chairs close to our cubes and set the keyboard alight.  We went to work with something else – other than the usual stress or pressure.

We’d work with a smile 🙂


So, what do you think?

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