A wish for the lost soul

Wow… A genie I have suddenly become!

I remembered being stuck in the bottle for awhile.  But turning into a genie, wearing a costume reminiscent of people in the Arab world… hmmm?  Who would’ve thought?

Anyways, back to business.  I’m supposed to give three wishes to someone, right?  Unlike the previous rule, I don’t have to stick to the person who just rubbed my shiny lamp.  I, the new-born genie, could actually do the choosing! 😀

This sounds fun, until the decision begins to weigh over me.  I mean, how am I supposed to choose?  What benchmarks or parameters do I have to use?

Take note that part of being stuck in the lamp meant erasing my memories (yah, family, friends, and all that).  My existence had also been chucked out of my own brood’s memory.  I’m cleared as a clean slate!

Perhaps, I should choose the noble one.  I must expect this one to wish for something that will benefit the whole world.  Or, how about someone young?  The young one’s wish could be something very simple — making my job easy-peasy!

Argh…  Choosing turns out to be difficult.  As I ponder over my predicament, a seemingly troubled guy went to climb over a tree.  “A lost soul,” I murmured.  There goes my first mission, his wish.


One thought on “A wish for the lost soul

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