Hedgehog Day!

Sure, she’s not the kind of ‘relative’ you may have had in mind, but – and a major BUT… I consider her a relative.

The spiky fellow isn’t related to me by blood, or even by specie, but her existence and companionship has proved to me that she is more than just a caged insectivore, lurking inside her teeny weenie tepee.  She is more than just the nocturnal creature that she is – she is a relative, a very close relative.

  • She is like any cousin, able to share unique memories with me.
  • She is like a sister, able to ignore me after my tongue slipped. (In her case, of course, if my voice turns raspy and she’d fail to recognise who it is calling after her).
  • She is like a brother, able to play rough games with me (but not too rough though, as her paws are delicate).
  • She can be just as ‘domestic’ as any pet.  Okay, that’s impossible because she loves to poop a lot. 

But she is one terrific relative.

How will I celebrate this ‘Hedgehog Day?’

I will most likely buy stuff for her feast.  These might include various fruits, cut into tiny pieces.  And then, a trip to the nearest pet shop could reward me some ‘superworms’ – another of her favourite.

I would clean her space and whip up a bit of decorations.  There’ll be cute-sized banners, with the initial of her name imprinted on it.  I might also invite a friend, who also has a hedgehog-relative.  Then our pets could share a chat and a generous feast, as well.

I might even send invitations to the most famous hedgehogs!

Biddy, the Travelling Hedgehog

 Norman, the Internet Sensation

Darcy, the Instagram Princess

Overall, I must ensure that she’d enjoy herself throughout her day – or shall I say, evening.  *She’s nocturnal, right?


Familial Feasts brought to you by The Daily Prompt


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