Stories Go, From Voices to Books


A long trip to Mars could render my hands full.  I might need to assist the folks in reading through the signals prompted by various source points.  The dangers of coming full face against these floating rocks might require me to be very vigilant.

I might not be able to curl a bit for any book.  Nor could I actually write well with the pen and paper afloat.  But what I would probably miss the most are stories.

Sure, I might wound up chatting with my space folks but… I believe we will easily tire each other.  Each of our stories could pour nonstop.  With the long duration, our stories will be retold with bits of embellishments here and there.

Eventually, we will stop talking with our mouths.  Gestures will suffice.


Earth, on the other hand, is teeming with people.  A huge population will overwhelm you; sometimes, you wouldn’t feel the need to tell your stories – theirs sound more awesome!

My insatiable need to listen, to capture people’s tales – I won’t be able to have my fill!


I knew it.

So, I took to taking their tales with me… through books.  Biographies.  Autobiographies.  Memoirs.  History books.  Fiction and nonfiction works.  Anthologies. 

I had with me its digitized versions, stocked in a virtual library.  I had immense luck in sneaking some paperbacks (though it had to be sealed to avoid paper particles from flying and seeping into our lungs).

You could only imagine how difficult it is to read through a haze of plastic – but it’s better than no stories at all.


3 thoughts on “Stories Go, From Voices to Books

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