Can’t Keep Joy

I find it hard to contain joy.

Perhaps, its because joy was never designed to be kept, collected or stored in a jar.  Unlike rage, envy or pity, joy is set to be poured out of one’s system.  It’s as contagious as the next popular disease.

Under its spell, I’m consistently on a ‘sunshine’ mode.  I talk nonstop; I exaggerate silly details for a decent laugh.  Hiding my toothy smile is impossible, too!

Unfortunately, there are times when we really have to hold our grin, and save it in our pockets.

  • When a friend’s feeling grumpy.
  • Learning that someone passed away.
  • Finding oneself trapped in a myriad of disasters.

Yet, despite such efforts, joy finds a way to sneak out.

It’s its expertise: spying when your guard is down, vigilantly looking at some trigger (say a memory), and then boom – a smile slowly paints its way across my face.

Joy does that.


The Daily Prompt: Unsafe Containers


2 thoughts on “Can’t Keep Joy

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