Jan: Eclectic with a tinge of poetic vision

The name “Jan” will be passed around, not as a household name for some wannabe-writer.  It will become an adjective that will soon describe the eclectics in the light of some poetic vision.  (Ambitious, huh?)

Eclectic is a word I have learned to embrace.  At best, the term is used as a polite excuse for my wandering mind.  I like to explore and to reflect afterwards.  I want to pick at each gleaming concept, and own it for awhile.

Yet, I am not so picky.  I do have a patterned liking for things, but that hardly makes me picky.  Hence, I tend to like something out of a category (but not everything belonging on it).

For instance, in music: I love upbeat remix, say TheGlitchMob’s Red Dress. But I also like the Orinoco Flow of Celtic Woman, or Wuthering Heights by Hayley Westenra (original by Kate Bush).  Some pop songs get me, as well: Justin Timberlake’s Mirror, but the east’s K-pop also has its own allure: Happy by 2ne1 or Overdose by EXO.

I could enjoy Maksim Mrvica’s Child of Paradise and deftly bleat with Linkin Park’s Point of Authority.  My eclectic taste doesn’t only manifest itself through music.  Even in writing such symptom prevails, which probably explains the incredible randomness in front of you: this blog.

The mix of poetic vision was another random happening.  The ‘Jan’ was lost in melancholic imageries; the eclectic mumbled aloud verses of what is thought to be some kind of ‘poetic vision.’


This looks like a legend story.  But the thing I do notice, most people end up dead before their names reach that sort of status and become some adjective.

But then again, nobody would want to hear his or her name used to refer to something, right?


This piece was inspired by The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Name for Yourself”


4 thoughts on “Jan: Eclectic with a tinge of poetic vision

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