Hi, I’m the Mothman

Where do we start but within ourselves? 

Unlike most people I am not fond of looking at mirrors. What’s the point? It’s enough that the shoe laces are tied neat and the buttons all done.  If I devote time for my hair, I might consume one whole day.

But what is it really about me that irks me? Darkness. I harbor dark thoughts that cloud my courage. I am my own Mothman.

When I look at people, I don’t see a complete being.  Instead, I see a construction – an amalgamation of many cultures, religions, generations, books, media, subtleties and stories.

Segregate these variables into categories and you will you have?  — A division between good and bad, light and dark, and yes, in-betweens.

Sounds disturbing? But I can’t keep on rubbing my eyes to un-see.

PS:  If you enjoyed the image, do check out Ricardo Bessa’s work at Behance.



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