An Open Letter to the Radical Monster Humming Inside of Me

Dear rebel,

Do chill.  I’m not trying to scare you by exposing your antics here.  I just want to… try to know you better.  It’s about time I do.

I have been ignoring you for years.  You are as stubborn as hell, and I couldn’t help but be scared.  I constantly  listen to my elders and work on diligently carrying out my mission.  I have to be respectful, hardworking, honest,  and quiet.

You saw what was happening to me, how I’m gradually turning out to be a conformist.  You frown and think: “that  ain’t right.”  So, you took me on a little rampage.  I synced my Internet connection, and you flicked on my curiosity.

You won.

For hours, I have been secretly watching horrendous videos of war, violence, pain, and injustice.  You have shown  to me people who had been conformists, too – they were respectful, hardworking, honest, and quiet.  Things didn’t  go well for them: plundered homes, raped women, unspeakable tortures.

 Okay, I get it.

Solely focusing on things that are downright positive restricts my growth.  Profound lessons are abundant in the dark  zone.  You may be bull-headed, but you sure know your thing.  Of course, I didn’t get it all in one sweep.  Instead, I  came to know these things on a gradual scale.  None of what I saw comforted me – regardless of excuses or stories or  culture.

Good thing, you promised me nothing; otherwise, I may have hated you for showing me those things.

I continue to find shreds of horror all around me.  I started to entertain the idea of atheists, agnostics, left-wing,  right-wing, communism, democracy, and awful lies.  I’m not proud about developing a thicker skin for these things.    Nor will I ever be proud by the fact that I, too, am guilty of their sins.

Throughout the journey, you have not even once abandoned me.  For that, I am deeply thankful.  I hope you don’t  get tired of fighting against me, for me.  We aren’t pals, but we are good at it.

Your alter-ego,



This post had been made possible, thanks to our ultimate idea-center: The Daily Post


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Radical Monster Humming Inside of Me

  1. “Profound lessons are abundant in the dark zone.” – sadly so, unpleasant to experience, yet ultimately needed to form a character who is more than a two dimensional sheep. – sonmicloud

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