My New Comic-Favorite!

My New Comic-Favorite!

Entitled, “149. MOTHER JONES: Sit down and read” – Courtesy of Gavin of the Zen Pencils.

This particular comic proffers a refreshing briefness. The shortness makes the message crisp and straight.

And then, there’s the amusing contrast – of little girls and those three big ogre-like monsters. They’ve got this searing laser-dot eyes that could metaphorically bore you down. The monsters’ features do justice for each of the terms that they represent: authority, ignorance, and prejudice.

The overall black silhouette also exudes this nightmarish effect. Of course, everyone (whether they knew it or not) had been a victim of these three monsters. Books represent an escape; it does contain an avenue for activating one’s imagination. Eventually, with guts and a lot of push, we do get there – and work our way around these monsters.

Perhaps, if I were in the comic, I’d probably be using a slingshot as a weapon: books – both hard and soft-bound would have been my preferred ‘pebble’ (a deviation from David’s). 🙂


So, what do you think?

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