What the Four-Month Blogger Wants to Say

Inhale. Exhale…  This exercise is about reflection.  I think that in the entire buzz – writing, reading, blogging, finding the best images, discovering things, people and concepts – taking the moment to pause is vital.

Everyday living made it easier for most of us to get real caught and lost in the intricacy of details.  We see digits everywhere; mine usually bounces back and forth: from that beautiful wristwatch that says I’m going to be late, to the numbing word/character count that has haunted my desk ever since.

Yet, deep down inside this restless soul, I know that detachment has to happen.  Somewhere, somehow, someone needs to look at the pieces I have made.  In my life’s context, that someone is me.

Hence, I came not to really write to post or to share.  These symbols had been awoken to mold this visible piece, but they only make up a thin fabric of my thoughts.

Today, it’s just going to be my head – it will do all the talking and thinking.  I believe I have to do this to sort out what this blog is really about.

Project Revise

My archives

My archives

Looking at the laser-boxed Archives section (in the right side), I can’t help but feel a teeny bit sentimental.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  It has been months, four months to be exact.  I have started this blog with a clear focus – most of which were indicated in my About page.

And while I intend to continue to blog, I have found parts of which necessitates tweaking.  Implementing changes – this is inevitable.  I can’t go on blogging, writing, posting, and moderating, knowing that somewhere in this blog, a different image is portrayed.

There are inconsistencies; and I really don’t want to mislead other bloggers or readers.  This makes sense, right?

I’m thinking of expanding my Categories.  Perhaps, making it more accurate could keep the gap between the reader’s expectation and my blog’s offerings smaller.  In other words, it could save someone’s time. 🙂

These are just two key areas of improvement.  As I go about rehashing this blog, I’m sure there’ll be encounters – most of which I hope I can address properly.

Blogging and bloggers taught me that…

Throughout these four months of WordPress blogging, I have successfully come across lessons.  Recalling the magic of lists, here it goes:

   i) It’s not just about me.  Yes, like most of you, I believe I have started out really, really optimistic.  Among those areas of interest, I had been very enthusiastic about my contribution.

I believed I can give a lot, share a lot, change a lot.  I believed my mind sings the right songs of ideas and exploration.  Though young, I thought my experiences were sufficient to back up my claims, generalization, or rants.

I think I proved myself right… but not all the time.  I have learned that while I am capable of giving concepts a good twist, others are just as better at it.  Hence, there’s no need to go all egoista.  This blog could also be a place for showcasing others’ talents, stories, and yes, ideas.

   ii) “Likes” and stars aren’t crystal balls.  I’ve always wondered what folks really liked.  Is it the idea embedded in a post?  Is it the blog post as a whole piece?  Or, is it about something mentioned within the post?

You see, when you get to gain likes or be rated via stars, the impulse to “duplicate” that success (or mini-success) is strong.  It’s so strong that it sometimes drives me to just think like, I’m writing this one, they’ll love it.

But “they” don’t.

“They” doesn’t even appear to light up my stats or leave me some likes.  “They” are nonexistent.  This obsession with “they” took me away from the focus (i.e., exploration, creativity).  And for some unforeseeable reason, I have failed to snap myself out of it.

   iii) ______

Okay, so I’ve envisioned this to wound up becoming a very long list.  It turns out not to be lengthy – which means I have yet to learn more.

This gives me the incentive to stay and persevere, like all of you.

And by the way, the Four-Month Blogger Wants to Say, “Thank you!” 🙂




3 thoughts on “What the Four-Month Blogger Wants to Say

  1. “This gives me the incentive to stay and persevere, like all of you.” – Thank the troposphere and all it’s levels for that. For a horrible moment there…I thought you were leaving. I’m very pleased you aren’t. 😀 And I too am seeing a kind of metamorphosis within the pages of the cloud, that which was formulated originally has morphed somewhat, categories slowly tweaked and changed, though at present the core remains the same – the cloud and sonmi’s ‘about’ page – the fleshy outer casing however is growing in interesting ways. I began this journey the same month as you too. Our blogs are the same age.

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