Don’t you love weird stuff?

Don't you love weird stuff?

The Odd Luminary has a very good collection of, well, odd stuff and creatures.
This one is called a Red Striped Wuzzlethump.
Complete details about this eye-boggling monster
can be found in


3 thoughts on “Don’t you love weird stuff?

  1. “Don’t you love weird stuff?” – More than you might guess from a cloud surfer hehe. I absolutely love that site. It is so far up my street that all you can see is clouds and smiles. Thank you Jan. Superb link 😀
    – sonmicloud

    • You’re welcome sonmicloud!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the site 🙂
      Indeed, The Odd Luminary’s gallery showcases a combination of real and imagined creatures.
      For those who love myths and tangible paraphernalia, it’s the place to be!

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