A blog post on inspiration seems to be a tricky choice.  It could be difficult: our inherent uniqueness guarantees various sources or ‘triggers’ of inspiration.  We are stimulated by various things, events, people, or even musings on the metaphysical. 

This makes pinning down definite triggers an almost impossible feat.  Perhaps, this is why we rely on each other’s stories, on different mediums like this blog.  And with that, I’d like to share two of my fondest ‘triggers.’  Feel free to add yours, too!

A bathroom break

Okay, this doesn’t really sound like the usual fare.  But in both personal and professional contexts, this tactic seldom fails to work its magic.

The process begins with me sitting restlessly.  I’m probably chewing over an idea, scribbling here and there.  I’m so occupied with the task of trying to make sense out of whatever writing project.  Then it happens…

Either the urge to go to the bathroom surfaces or I’m simply welcoming the option of going somewhere other than here, in front of my desk.  So, the short walk begins.  And as I do this, my consciousness loosens a bit.

That ‘loosening’ effect – that, I suppose, is the culprit.  When this happens, my stifled muscles relax.  Before I know it (or over-analyze it), I had my prior writing or idea-dilemma sorted!  This eureka moment seizes me either while at the bathroom, during the short walk, or once seated face-to-face with my prior dilemma.

Funnily enough, I hadn’t really considered it as an inspiration-trigger before, possibly because its effects are not that easy to trace.  This rouses my suspicion: inspiration is one smooth criminal!

Unexpected encounters

When I write (or unto something), I tend to hide like a recluse.  I will hover in my cubicle; cover both auricles with blaring sounds via earphones; and yes, avoid any contact from family, friends, relatives, workmates, or even my boss.

It’s like this: I’ve got this buzzing idea right in my head.  I feel like if I lose my focus even for a nanosecond, this idea will fly, desert and leave me lonely.  And working on a focus-demanding kind of project like writing, these beliefs are usually justifiable, right?

But when I do get off from sitting, head for any corner of my home or office, I do encounter someone!  Some encounters are regrettably fine: the encountered folk will only hazard to give, in exchange of my silence, a smile (some warm, others lukewarm).

The rest will really, really talk me out of my reverie.  They will talk about the weather, some sports team (whose season is on), or some random personal experiences they have had.  I seldom volunteer that much in the exchange.

Still, I often get more than what I asked.  Some of the things or words that leave their mouths start to click with some pliant idea!  It’s actually like having a puzzle with the missing piece delivered.

Without them knowing it, they end up opening a new world for me, a new view to which I have been obliviously ignoring.

Uhm, how about yours?

I know that I am not the sole inspiration-hunter or gatherer in this planet.  A lot of you probably liked to do wordplay (say essay typer) and generate awesome things out of them.  I’ve heard, others like to commune with nature or lie down and stare at the sky for interminable minutes!

Please, feel free to share your inspiration triggers, too!


3 thoughts on “Inspiration-triggers

  1. An idea appears as though on a whim, it gets noted down on anything to hand. After that I need to get to the place I write and be alone in silence. Then I have to work at not thinking about the idea, and if I can see it only out of the corner of my eye, without focus but flittering about, rather than consciously staring at it, waiting for something to happen….it works. And when it works…I’m happy. Great post :D. sonmicloud

    • Wow! Your trick there is certainly, special. You acknowledge the fact that an idea doesn’t wholly reveal itself.
      Glad to learn something new about how you do your stuff sonmicloud!
      Thank you for this generosity! 😀

      • You’re welcome Jan, it was an interesting post, people have many different triggers and the brain is a complex ‘animal’, it was useful for me to sit down and think about how I….think! Not forgetting that the cloud provides most of my material along with the several billion thoughts which I compute from other dimensions……..obviously 😀

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