On Inspiration

On Inspiration

It’s like a butterfly that speeds off to leave my net…

Like an elusive lover who loves to hide in the shadows…

Like a mistress, perhaps – off to some distant lover, making me thirst and hunger.


3 thoughts on “On Inspiration

  1. If they wish to ‘sow’ a handbag….they really really aren’t up to writing a novel ;p

    Your words underneath negate the need for the illustration, for all that it may have been your…..inspiration for them. You have described that feeling, the grasping at the invisible flies of said inspiration, fleeting about our heads perfectly. sonmicloud

    • Now, that you’ve pointed it out, I do realize the discrepancy. The illustration and the texts refer to the same thing; their means of expression were not, though. What keen eyes you have, sonmicloud! 😀

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