Text Feature: The Tech Writing Handbook

(*Don’t worry, this is free-of-charge sharing.)

As an echo to a previous post, I’m excited to share with y’all a link to this awesome material:


The Handbook is also downloadable, but it’s best to peruse first before letting it claim your device’s memory. 😀

First things first, why am I sharing this?

You may categorise yourself as a creative writer, travel blogger, poet and so forth.  And, indeed, it’s good to fully know your chosen niche.  However, part of one’s growth or the development of one’s craft requires immersion to other niches.

The technical writing niche is one such niche.  Its precepts are actually so straightforward, it may take you aback.  Still, it is pockmarked with stones – that which you may personally consider as jewels.

Take for instance this one rule:

          Being concise

That rule applies doubly if you’re writing for the internet. Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are all called web browsers instead of web readers for a reason. People don’t read web pages. They scan, hunting and pecking for words and phrases that they find pertinent. The average person spends just seconds on a web page, reading only about 20% of the text. The more concise you are, the more information readers actually read.

This rule smacks hard, particularly, at times when I’m being too wordy. 😀

So what is it about?

Dozuki’s Tech Writing Handbook comprehensively taps on topics, like the audience, language used, good style, anecdotes and so much more.  It covers 11 chapters plus one for the Welcome page and another for the Appendix A:

Chapter 0            Welcome!

Chapter 1            Look before you write

Chapter 2            Being concise

Chapter 3            Crystal clarity

Chapter 4            Communicate with style

Chapter 5            Audience

Chapter 6            Photograph the process

Chapter 7            Using other visuals

Chapter 8            Organize your content

Chapter 9            Legal requirements

Chapter 10          Publishing

Chapter 11          After you write

Appendix A        Deep dive: Work instructions

Don’t worry about nose-bleeding language.  In my reading experience, I hardly had to take a pause to reel on its message.  That’s the best thing about clever tip-giving pieces.

How I got wind with it?

Blame it to Kyle Wiens’ “Your Company Is Only as Good as Your Writing” – an insightful article published on the Harvard Business Review Blog.

What are you waiting for?  Give it a try and I guarantee: there’s gonna be more writing insights for you.  Plus, you wouldn’t look at manuals the same way.  Ever.


So, what do you think?

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