Writing taught and teaches me

The lessons it taught me didn’t felt right, at first.  It introduced restrictions – grammar rules, punctuation use, et cetera. 

Then, one by one, words have to be brought into boxes.  These containers were categories that placed the word, awesome, into the adjective box.  It placed my name straight into the proper nouns box.  There were too many boxes – much of them I wasn’t well fond of.

But as emphasis for capturing our free flow of thoughts came, I have learned to embrace the lessons Writing has been giving me.  To exacerbate my case, I adjusted my view towards one that is more receptive; because, frankly, Writing isn’t done yet with the teaching.

Wearing foreign hats; exploring strange lands

Reading is said to be one of the cheapest medium of travel.  Now, I dare to hypothesize that composition, too, brings you to places.  I know that this is so, as I have learned to paint scenes and places via words.  I have learned the artistic manner of describing.  And I do appreciate the manner by which we can invent words, like Essay Typer, dun­gtrooper, or beastfriends.

And funny enough, it doesn’t only bring us to places.  It, too, has the power to make us wear different hats, shoes, and be another being.  They call that “connection” or “establishing relatedness.”  I personally call it morphing.

Words can make us morph?  I think it does.  Writing allows us to morph and learn the voice of an old man.  It permits us to carry the concerns of a newbie mom.  It banishes our inhibitions by temporarily breathing in the vulgar air of a forsaken land.  Writing grazes our identity.

And that grazing, though fleeting, leaves a dent.  Indeed, writing teaches us: by allowing us to explore – just like how our best teachers do.



3 thoughts on “Writing taught and teaches me

  1. Yes, to say we morph is hitting the nail on its proverbial head squarely without doubt.

    ” It banishes our inhibitions by temporarily breathing in the vulgar air of a forsaken land. Writing grazes our identity.” – I love this. – sonmicloud

    • Thank you sonmicloud! 🙂
      The word ‘morph’ presents a breath of fresh air (in contrast to the oft-harassed word, ‘change’).

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