Site Feature: Bored Panda

Numerous online encounters happen every day.  Access and amazing platforms had successfully revolutionised the way we connect with other people, exchange ideas and consume information.  In your encounters, have you gotten whiff of the Bored Panda?

The bamboo-chewing, tree-hugging panda bear

The site has and is the paradise for awe-inspiring visuals, artists, and art-enthusiasts.  It is lauded for compiling the best of ancient, nature-crafted, and contemporary art pieces.  These collections include photos, art installations, sketches, and a lot more.

Calling it a “catcher” of mind-blowing concepts is regrettably an understatement.  Suffice it is to say, and clichéd it may sound, the Bored Panda is way too awesome for (this humble) review.  Frankly, it is best experienced.

When’s the best time to remember the adorable bear?

  • When you’re bored right out of your skull.

The Bored Panda’s there to perk you up.

  • When you’re actively looking for inspiration.

Bored Panda pairs great and authentic stories behind each of these compiled art pieces.

  • When you want to waste time or just lurk around.

Spending time appreciating cool works doesn’t even fall to that ‘wasting time’ category.

  • When texts, words, and facts tire you.

Visuals are always the best remedy.

Why I’m with the bear

While working, schooling, and writing renders (my) life busy and fun, it also kind of make things heavy.  There are times that finding good essay topics plague me (haunts me even at sleep); otherwise, there’ll be home-chores waiting for me.

To avoid from completely losing my sanity, I strive to detach.  Bored Panda kind of makes this detachment easy.  Plus it’s just full of discovery – art pieces that didn’t seem possible, but was actually furnished by patient and determined hands just exudes that feeling or thought: things are still possible, no matter the number of variables that seems to spin out of your control.

Immerse in this chaotic but wonderful world of possibility!

And don’t forget to show some love to your favourite artists 🙂


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