Oh brain, stop consuming (too much) data…

“How much do you need to know to write it?”  We rely in research to come up with something relevant.  We restlessly keep up with statistics, info-graphics, scientific studies and even search engines to pry info after info.

But how much is how much?  It’s one of those critical questions that probably seared a visit right through your brain every now and then.  And while it’s easy to let it fly by unanswered, addressing it actually poses some good ol’ promises.

A change of heart      

Once, you discover the crux of knowing ‘how much’ or ‘when,’ there’s a good chance of change.  You see, when you consume too much body of relevant literature, you end up suffering from ‘Information Overload.’

Under this spell, manifesting symptoms would include:

  • Restlessness:  You’re going for your nth cup of coffee or tea.  Or, you’d surf the net for hours and hours, while alternately reading or watching videos.
  • Fullness:  Remember how your tummy feels when excruciatingly full?  You’d feel the same, but this time in the context of your brain.  You’re head feels so full, like it’s going to explode.

The remedy?  To stop being restless, you need to be busy, really busy.  To stop the fullness, you need to immediately discontinue your reading/watching/surfing.  These methods are, however, only first-response treatment.

The ultimate cure for those information overload-patients is to clear the mind.  Yes, it sounds like a Zen-thing, but really, that’s what you need to do:

Imagine your information-overload-infected mind to be a piece of paper fully pockmarked with scribbles.  These scribbles represent those ‘consumed data.’  Now, with these scribbles conquering every square inch of your paper, writing something is impossible.

Perhaps, you can write – but it will not be clearly seen – not against the background of scribbles around it.  Hence, to think and write once again, the paper needs to be cleared.  So, what do you do?

Relying in the power of visual imagery, imagine that these scribbles are gone.  Say your magic word: “Begone scribbles!  Empty my paper, my mind!

And that’s how you do it (or how I think we do).

It’s enough

Ultimately, you need to learn when to stop clicking links after links, read articles after articles, and so forth.  Every single time you finish reading something, ask yourself if you do have an idea – even a fine grain of it.

And then jot them down.  These early jottings will serve to give you cues in your own draft, perhaps, form part of an outline.

You have to also develop a keen sense of detection: after a bit of research, do you have that “feeling,” that confident feeling that makes you think that you can write it?  It works much like our conscience or an instinct – it needs to be felt or listened to.

Stop consuming information.  Start writing it now.


So, what do you think?

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