How Much Do You Know Light?


Light is the detesting blankness of a word document.  Without the words, the innumerable texts, our eyes cannot find escape from the glare wrought by the screen.  This light also provides a gentle reminder: to prod on, dream and write – in the hopes of forming a shield made up of words.

Sometimes, such light brings an untoward and heavy feeling.  The blank sheet’s lack of contents could sufficiently make us feel that we’ve got nothing to share.  Fortunately, it is always a momentary case.  For as long as we attempt to put weight on our fingers and life in our thoughts, this light and blank state is removed.

And the result of such attempts?  —A string of words against the glaring light of the sheet.  A new world is revealed to us.  If not worlds, there will be a new angle, a new approach of seeing, understanding and appreciating things (or what we always call ‘topics’ and ‘themes’ for an essay typer).

Back to the beginning

Perhaps, there is nothing detesting about this kind of light.  Everybody starts their journey with a blank page, with a clean slate.  Others would go to such extent of tearing off pages to have a new clean sheet.  Some blotched the contents to erase what it had.

But we, we are the lucky ones; we have the New option right from our word processors.  And that’s a good thing, isn’t it?  We can keep on covering the blank sheet with these words; fill it and in the process, illuminate. 🙂


3 thoughts on “How Much Do You Know Light?

  1. Yes, at birth, white light smacks the face and eyes before any other, harsh and cruel, but soon filled in – what with makes the difference between a comedy or tragedy, a farce perhaps in some cases.
    As you say, what we place on the blank page has the power to illuminate, and that is without doubt a good thing.
    A good post , I enjoyed it 🙂 – sonmicloud

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