Writing anywhere, somewhere

When the urge strikes and ink begins to drip, you write.  It seldom matters where you’re doing it, or with what instrument you use; as long as you’re unleashing those thoughts or ideas, it’s done.

But where you write matters; it affects your posture, your level of comfort.  And this comfort is indubitably essential, that is if you are to pour everything that could be poured, or in the layman’s term, write a lot.

It’d be fine (and romantic) to sustain a stiff neck or pained back after writing a lengthy prose, or lyrical poem.  But that temporal condition still causes an inconvenience.  You are better off without it; and yes, it’s possible to produce your grand masterpiece without injuries.

Your writing space

You may not necessarily call it a ‘writing space.’  Perhaps, for you, it’s a writing nook, a table, an idea desk, or your pumpkin.  But it’s your space.  It’s exclusively yours to exploit.  This space is the labyrinth of your ideas, of your creativity.

These ideas are manifested right at your chosen particles: the broken piece from your chess set, the feathered pens of pink and lavender, the polymer toy you had as a birthday gift, or just a bunch of random trinkets that’s meant to spice up your space.  They’re yours – and without that much ado, accompany you to your next writing adventure.

Is it big or small?

The space ought to answer to your needs as a writer, inventor, freelancer, or idea-maker.  Economically, you’d want one space to accommodate all your writing activities.  You’d want one where you can do some assignment writing services and the same one for your blog posts.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t create some variation (as this is the enemy of routine).  Perhaps, you can write the draft of your pieces anywhere.  And then take the time to polish it at your assigned writing space.

And who said you can’t have many writing spaces?  You could always, even secretly, designate a place as your space – a particular corner in the library, under the shade of a certain edifice, statue or tree, and so forth.

Try this!

Create a list of places or nooks – the park, subway, parking lot, under the sycamore tree, or inside the church.  Include areas of which you think writing would have been unthinkable (i.e., public comfort rooms).

Strike to discover the writing experience which can be harnessed from each space.  Tick them one by one.  Work on doing at least these four:

(1)    Write what you want to write;

(2)    Write about the people around you;

(3)    Write about the place you’re in;

(4)    Write about the experience.

Please don’t forget to share your writing experience!

PS: I’ll try sharing mine 🙂


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