Pain in Paper

Poets writing sad, oh wait, sorrowful stuff in paper.  They are lauded for their abilities to pour it out, raw depictions that could summon tears out of unwitting readers or listeners.

Their motives are always and will always be held questionable.  Why lay yourself vulnerable?  Why explore emotional pain once more?  Why put it in paper?

It sells.  It sounds all-too utilitarian, but is irrefutably true.  The case is almost always the same with songs (How many heartbreak-songs do you like?).  Stripped off by its commercial-tinged associations, pain sells because everyone experiences it.

Fiction may have invented superheroes.  Science, who didn’t want to be left behind, even got a scientific explanation for that.  Yet, no one is ever spared from that searing sensation we collectively call pain.  Furthermore, no evidence has yet to show the possibility of pain-resistance – only that one can move forward (but never able to avoid it).

In short, pain is acceptable, normal, and within particular perspectives – considered to be an empowering element.  Pain is so mundane; yet, ironically, everyone “buys” it.

Words are an important key.  The crux behind pain’s fame – specifically, in prose and poetry – lies in the dynamism of words.  The nature of words renders it capable to form different ways of expressing pain.

Pain is the shallow breathing

Of a hollowed heart

The wailing of a crippled instrument

The generous outpour

Of apparent nothingness.

Woah!  Is pain all that?  Probably, and it could be more.  Just imagine what pain is for the old battered fisherman?  Pain for the CEO of a multi-billion dollar firm?  Pain for the teaching nun in the orphanage?  Pain for the stereotypical teenager at urban and rural lands?

There’s also a different kind of pain for the young, the young adult, and the aged.  Now, imagine if every person learned to put pain – experiences, stories, or just vague statements – into paper.  If not in the traditional parchment, they’d likely be creating a blog like this and throw in some fancy names (Essay Typer?)

There’ll be pain in a thousand, no, a million contexts.  And those who may or may have not written about their own pain will read these…

These pained souls, our fellow human creatures could be comforted; words have that effect.  Even if it’s just one sad rhyme after rhyme or a breathless essay of sorts – pain in paper could help us heal.  Apart from being a personal affair, pain becomes a sharing matter among us.

Ultimately, it won’t be a waste of words.


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