Writing, systems thinking, and anything in between

Years of dedication – we often hear these words to signal expertise.  It’s enough to make us believe that that person in the podium is worth our precious time.  These people, with their stiff speech, or sauntering walks, they have with them ideas; tried and tested ideas.

When such ideas reach the peak of its form, it’s called an approach.  Blend it well with your everyday routine, and it evolves into a way of living (or lifestyle).

In the context of writing, we may call it a ‘way of writing.’

My idea is systems thinking

As was mentioned in the previous post, I have discovered several years ago, systems theory and systems thinking.  It’s not every day that we get to learn the name of our own way of thinking; hence, I considered the event a delightful surprise.

But realising this newfound approach (which apparently is famous among idealistsJ) did not just improved my self-awareness; I inadvertently came to see that this ‘systems thinking’ also touches my writing.

In what ways, say you?

We can start with the way my own idea grows and expands.  Yes, in writing, we always have to read a lot, perform mini-research, and so forth.  Yet, even without so much resources, or readings, these ideas grow.

Well, perhaps, it had much to do with the fact that good ideas organically grow; however, the kind of work that comes behind the writing can’t be easily reduced into smithereens.  The kind of concepts we explore, and the time spent in mulling on it (i.e., letting our thought processes take the reins) – these are the activities that actively help such ideas grow.

No shoving please

Of course, you may have a different idea about the thought processes that works with the creative process, or writing process.  Perhaps, it may carry another name.

And there could be other concepts or ideas out there which works like the aforementioned scenario and it may not be called ‘systems thinking.’

*Take keen note that this (post) is by no means meant to put fancy names into our individual thinking patterns (or mine).  You can speed up your own mental essay typer and not sweat a bit under this systems thinking.

I haven’t even reached my own ‘years of dedication’ – so it’s okay to dismiss the whole thing.  But still, I’m perpetually curious: How do you think?  And how does your general pattern of thinking affect your writing?


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