Books are lifelong teachers (*that I know)

das buch

I got these teachers, they live in the shelves.  They wear different jackets.  They’re coloured in the outside, but predominantly, black and white inside.

I got these teachers, they bring with them words.  But upon careful inspection, I’ve learned how they also carry with them different worlds.

These teachers, they’re called books.     

Books teach                                                                              

Books are storytellers that give us more than our share of “moral lessons” or insights.  Under a dystopian world, one learns to lean on hope.  In the purlieu of excesses, we are reminded of our internal wealth, and sometimes, our lack thereof.

Textbooks, on the other hand, give us support in absorbing concepts, theories and applications in text.  It feeds us with knowledge and knocks our wall of ignorance.  And with a little bit of imagination, we learn by heart, the limitations of such knowledge.

Self-help books, be it the famous Dummies series or the more personal-cum-radical ones, give us the one unifying message: “Yes, you can do it!” 

Books teach by way of suggestion.  If you open your eyes, what do you see?  If you read through the lines, what do you get?  If you do what it says, what will you have or lose?

And the terrific thing about these immortal teachers is that it leaves us with the other part.  That ‘other part’ is our participation.  It is also our deeper reflection.  In line to those unforgettable characters we encounter, we learn about each other’s lives.


Books make it easy to imagine.  It shouldn’t give you any trouble to envision an empty pile of course-works – because what you see are magical devices, ranging from the trusty essay typer to the self-sustaining printer.  It’s an imagery that rivals that of Harry Potter’s wizarding school, perhaps?

Books make it easy to travel.  You need not travel or move an inch.  Just sit in a comfortable posture and immerse.  Maybe, the astonishing thing you might find is a real physical object or environment running close to that you’ve encountered in books.

Books can inspire.  Just like the human equivalent (those teachers), books can stir inspiration.  Ideas and imageries, people or any other beings formed through your readings could cause you to move a step closer to your dreams – a step you wouldn’t have the courage to take as your inspiration falls  short of energy.

Books are my teachers; and I guess they’re not gonna leave me.  Ever.


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